FAQ - Frequent ask questions

Q1. I’ve just installed a new weighing device, and it's not weighing              

Make sure that the transport end stops are unlocked.

If the device still does not weight, make sure that you have placed the foot correctly. It is very important that they do not touch the platform.

Is it still not working?

- Contact your dealer.

- Contact with our technical service.

-  RMA service to return merchandise.


Q2. Scale or indicator does not switch on.

Make sure that the network cable or the feeder is well connected with the scale/indicator.

Check that there is power in the power plug where you have connected the device.


Q3. My indicator/scale or the connected printer is not printing.   

First check if there is any paper in the printer and if so; make sure that it is well placed. Check again the steps explained in the user’s guide that it is included in the package of the product or download it from the download section.

¿The printing Works but it is in white? Check that the paper is placed on the thermal side (if you are not sure turn the paper over).

Is the device still not printing? Make sure that the paper is a thermal one, rubbing gently with your fingernail.


Q4. The weight oscillates.

Step 1. Check that the four foot are touching the ground.

Step 2. Check if the battery is full.

Step 3. Check the connections of the cable of the cell.

Step 4. Check that the cable is in good condition.


Q5. Is it not communicating in RS232?

Check that the baud rate and the par rate are the same in the different devices.


Are you still in doubt? Contact with our technical service.




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